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Scrape Facebook Emails, Public Emails and ID's from Graph Search, Pages, Groups and Events.

This is Facebook ID Scraper (F Targeter) , a software to search and extract user ID's from Graph Search, facebook pages(Exports ID's of people who have liked pages,commented or liked page posts),open or closed groups, posts and events to a text file and convert it to Facebook Custom Audience File.You can import Facebook Custom Audience file easily to facebook power editor to create custom audience.


Its 100% Risk Free!! Because we are using Facebook API and its safe with Facebook terms of service.


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Click below button to download free trial of FB ID scraper. An Easy Way to Get a massive amount of targeted traffic from Facebook.Facebook is a place for people to share their common interests.Facebook ID Scraper is an All in one extractor to scrape Facebook Emails and User IDs from Pages, Graph Search, Groups, Posts and Events , so you can import it to Facebook Power Editor to create custom audience. Custom audience can help you to get more potential clients.

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Its 100% safe with Facebook Terms of service because we are using API provided by Facebook. Lots of Facebook scrapers were not using a Facebook API and those are the ones that are being banned. So our scraper is 100% safe to use. Custom Audience using Facebook Emails is a built in advertising feature that Facebook created and allows.Reach better targeted audience and boost your click through rates using ultra targeted custom audiences in your niche from Facebook using our Facebook ID Scraper software.




Extract Facebook Emails from Facebook

Target active and most Passionate facebook users.Search in Graph Search, Fan pages, Groups and Events with a specific keyword or graph search query and extract Facebook Emails or ID's of users who liked pages, and who liked or commented page posts and save it to a text file.


Export user Emails using Graph Search Queries

Use built in Facebook Graph Search options to narrow down your target audience!.You can find users based on location, gender, age group and more with graph search scraping.So get more potential customers using facebook id scraper.


Import Facebook Emails To Custom Audience

Set up a Facebook custom audience campaign with your extracted targeted Facebook Emails.Import text Facebook Emails, extracted using Facebook ID Scraper, to Custom audience in Facebook Ads to get a massive amount of Targeted Traffic from Facebook

Some of Satisfied Facebook ID Scraper clients

We have more than 30,000 satisfied clients


Mellisa John

Mellisa John

Cr Head - Jack Media Lab.


Bella Peter

Bella Peter

CEO - N J T Inc


Kate Jones

Kate Matt

Director - Deisino SEO Web.


David Luke

David Jeff

Head - WVV Clothing LLC


Mark J M

Mark J M

Creative Head Mind Soul INC.


Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul

Marketing Head - Install Payment Solutions


Rose Benedict

Rose Benedict

Marketing manager Hinf Info Systems .


Jim Oscar

Jim Oscar

CEO - Dazed Solutions.

How Facebook ID Scraper Works?

How to extract Facebook Emails And IDs using Facebook ID Scraper for your FB Ads Campaign?

1. Find the best active sources.

The best active sources can find from Graph Search, Groups, pages or Events that are in your niche.You can search via our Facebook ID Scraper and extract Facebook Emails or UIDs.

Open Facebook ID scraper and search the graph search or facebook pages or groups or posts or events you want to scrape Emails or IDs.You can save these IDs into a .txt File.

2. Import Facebook Emails to Custom Audience..

Import Emails to create custom audience in Facebook Ad's.A lot of brands have now started off scraping off competitors Facebook Emails and using it as part of their Facebook custom audiences and this is killer technique because you now have audiences who already may have allegiance to a brand which will make them more receptive to a similar brand.Instead of targeting large audiences using the classic Facebook targeting options such as look like audience or other options, you can now narrow your audience by using Facebook ID Scraper to only reach the most passionate users. This lowers your advertising costs and significantly increases your conversion rates.


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